Our Family

Meet the Kerri Zeien Photography Team! We are family owned and operated and pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make sure each of our clients feel like they are part of the family too. Of course our family can never be too big and we alway welcome new clients!

Kerri Zeien Photography specializes in newborns, babies, children, seniors, and families but are more than happy to talk to you to see if we'd be a good fit for what you're wanting. We love documenting those special moments for you.


Kerri is the owner, photographer, and CEO of Kerri Zeien Photography. Her interest in photography began when she was a child, always seeing her father with a camera in his hands. This expanded to an involvement in 4-H photography while growing up but was merely a hobby until Kerri had her second child. At this point she was a newly single mother wanting to get great pictures of her girls but didn't have the money to spend, so she taught herself. She never saw herself doing photography professionally but after relocating to Evansville she was asked to take photos of a friend's children and as they say, the rest is history. She began shooting for others full time in October of 2010, has done extensive training at workshops and conferences across the U.S., has a fully functioning studio in the Old Post Office Building in downtown Evansville, and is the exclusive newborn photographer at St. Vincent hospital.


Whitney is the studio and marketing manager and an associate photographer for Kerri Zeien Photography. Whitney is Kerri's oldest daughter and has worked at Kerri Zeien Photography since 2011. Starting her freshman year of high school, Whitney began with small cleaning and filing jobs and kept gaining responsibility. She graduated from high school and left for college but still missed working at the studio. After getting her degree from Indiana University in 2019, she moved back home to Evansville and was promoted to the studio and marketing manager. Working side by side with Kerri, she wears a lot of hats and is learning all of the aspects of photography. She works as an associate photographer at St. Vincent, handles all client communication, and is in charge of any and all Kerri Zeien Photography marketing.


Lucas is our shipping manager and facilities director at Kerri Zeien Photography. He doesn't always have the big fancy titles and most of the time his work is unnoticed by most but he's a major part in keeping our studio up and running. Lucas services as our shipping department, maintenance team, set builder, prop acquirer, editor, and covers any and all last minute tasks we throw at him. He's a man of many talents and one of the many reasons we are lucky enough to work with him every day. His goofy personality and warm smile make him a great addition to our team, whether he is answering a client's question, interacting with a child, or making sure your order is in perfect condition before we send it out the door.