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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): AFTER SESSION

1. How do I view my St. Vincent Newborn Pictures?
To view your proofs go to and click on “Client Proofs.” This will take you to a login screen where you enter the password that you provided at the hospital. Once the album is unlocked with the password, click “Open” in order to enter the album and view the proofs.

2. Today is my online date, but I can’t access my album. What am I doing wrong?
We give you an online date to view the proofs, meaning that the images can be uploaded to our website at any point during that day. If it isn’t working when you are trying, we may have not had an opportunity to get them online yet. If you can’t view them after your online date, then let us know.

3. How long can I view my pictures online?
The images are online for 30 days from the online date. If they are due online January 1st, then the album will expire February 1st. If you need the images put back online after the album has expired there is a $15 reactivation fee, but the images will be online for another 30 days.

4. How do I complete the order I paid for at St. Mary’s?
To complete your order you can call us at 812-467-3147 or email us at We need the image number(s) and corresponding print size(s) you are wanting from your prepaid order.

5. Can I choose more than one picture for my order?
Yes, you can mix and match. A set of wallets is the only thing you cannot mix; it is one pose per set. A set is 8 wallets.

6. How do I upgrade or add on to my order?
To upgrade or add on to an order, you can call or email us. An upgrade is if you are applying the amount you paid in the hospital towards your new order as a credit. An add on is if you are adding on additional prints/products from what you already paid for in the hospital. (Hospital orders must be paid for at the time photos are paid for and is nonrefundable.)

7. Can friends or family order?
Absolutely! They just need to call or email us. We will need the mother’s name, baby’s name, and session date to locate the images. For the order we need the image number(s) and print size(s) they are wanting. For payment they can mail a check or call/email a card number.

8. How long will it take to receive my order?
You should receive your order in approximately 10 business days.

9. How long does Kerri Zeien Photography keep the files?
We back up all of our files, so you can place an order or complete an order at any time.

10. How will I receive my pictures?
We mail out all orders via USPS unless you request to pick up the order from our downtown studio location.