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What should you wear? Keep clothing simple, avoid white, and stay away from any clothing with written logos. Favorites are layered outfits, bare feet, and babies in their birthday suits! If there is more than one child, outfits can be similar, but it's not necessary to have them matching. It looks great with everyone wearing same or similar color but in different textures. Remember to have each person show their own style and personality.



About the Artist- I love being able to capture images for people to enjoy and afford. My first start in photography was for 4-H when I was younger. Seeing my father with a camera in his hands while growing up added to my interest. I got more serious after my second child was born. I was a newly single mother wanting great pictures of my girls and not much money. After relocating to Evansville with my family, I was asked to take some pictures of a friend's children. As they say, the rest is history... I started shooting for others in November of 2008. I now have my own studio located in the historic Old Post Office downtown Evansville on the corner of 2nd Street & Vine.